Maria Harp, born in Atlanta, Georgia, has been living in The Netherlands for quite some time. She is a life-long singer with several CD jazz albums to her name, and later also became an initially self-taught painter. She has been painting for some time, but has focussed more on painting in recent years. She followed classes with several distinguished teachers, such as Arjan van Gent.

She is inspired by many different subjects, and especially music. Maria's general web site is where you can also find more information about her music with her husband Matt Otten.

She started painting with acryllic paints, and later switched to oil painting.

Her werk has been exhibited in her home town at gallery Square Circle, the public library, and the ''Koningskerk''. Two extensive exhibitions have taken place at Westvliet Voorburg in 2012, and in April 2013. In 2013 her work was also exhibitied at the Regentenkamer in The Hague, also well known for its jazz concerts, the Pulitzer Hotel in Amsterdam, and in Muzee en Chizone, Scheveningen. In 2014 she exhibited in the Swaenestijn Museum in Voorburg. Maria's work was included  in two editions of the book European Contemporary Artists (2013-2014) which was distributed in Hilton Hotels all over Europa. More recently she has exhibited her work in Hilton hotels in Rotterdam, and Leiden.

During this time her attention turned to sculpture as well. Since then she has created works in stone, often  shapes inspired by the stone itself and by animals, such as birds.

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Leopoldo Fiorillo
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